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How to Update Udyam Registration Certificate through Udyam Portal?

It is common that we sometimes enter the wrong details while doing registration. After receiving the certificate we recognise that we have given the wrong details and want to update it.

Today in this guide, we are talking about how to update udyam registration certificate through the udyam portal. For proper guidance read the full blog article.

Why is it required to Update the Udyam Certificate?

For taking the benefits of government schemes, apply for a MSME loan or at any government registrations you need a udyam certificate. If the details mentioned are wrong then your certificate is not of any use.

So it is important that if you have entered the wrong details at the time of registration then immediately you need to update or do the correction of your udyam registration certificate.

Click Link to Update Udyam Certificate - https://udyog-adhaar.in/update-udyam-certificate.php

Requirements for Udyam Certificate Update

Following things will require to update your udyam certificate:

Details which cannot be changed

Some details which you cannot update in your udyam certificate which are mentioned below:

Note : Other than above mentioned information all the details can be changed.

Process to Update udyam certificate through Udyam portal

You can easily update your udyam certificate through our portal. Just follow the below given process:

Step 1: Just go to Update Udyam Registration Certificate page.

Step 2: Enter 16-digit Udyam Registrations Number (URN) and Details for update.

Step 3: Provide email address and OTP as per your certificate asd select the OTP option and press submit button.

Step 4: For your udyam update application, make the online payment.

Step 5: After you provide the OTP, our executive will process your Update application.

STEP 6: You will get your updated certificate in a few hours in your email id which is registered with us.

NOTE: Once you receive OTP in your Registered mobile number or Email address as per your selection you have to share it with our representative.

If you want to Update your old Udyog Certificate then you can visit our Update Udyog Aadhaar Certificate Page.

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