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Check Udyam Registration Status Online Through Udyam Portal

Searching for how to check udyam registration status online through the udyam portal then you are at the right place. There is lots of content related to this on the internet but we will provide you with the method which is tested by our experts.

One thing is to be noted that the government has not provided any option to check for udyam status in their online portal but there is an alternative way by which you can check your udyam registration status online. So read the full blog article for a proper guide.

Click Link to Check Udyam Status - https://udyog-adhaar.in/trace-certificate.php

Requirement to Check Udyam Status

You will need the following thighs in order to check udyam registration status Online.

  • Proper Udyam Registration Number (URN)

  • Registered mobile number for OTP verification.

How to Check Udyam Registration Status Online?

You need to review the Udyam Registration status frequently after you have completed your Udyam Registration Process so that you have all the details regarding your application for registration.

Udyam Registration verification can simply be done via the udyam registration certificate print page on the udyam portal. But don't worry about it, just follow the basic steps below to get your application status.

STEP 1: To check the status of your application, first go to the trace udyam registration page on the Udyam Portal.

STEP 2: Simply enter the Udyam Registration Number and the mobile number you filled out with the Udyam application.

STEP 3: Now choose the OTP receiving option i.e. mobile number or email address.

STEP 4: Then click on the button labelled 'submit'.

STEP 5: Make the online payment of your application.

STEP 6: Provide the OTP to our representative which you got in your registered mobile phone number.

STEP 7: After that you will be automatically redirected to a page where you can check udyam status through udyam certificate generation.

Note: Its neccasary to share your OTP with our representative to proceed with your Udyam Application

I hope so you have got how to check the status of your udyam registration on Udyam Portal.

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